House of Thought

1950s. House of Thought is a private mental institution with a pretty dim view of cognitive freedom and philosophically opinionated patients. This is exactly the environment that our cerebral protagnist William Lockshire, plans to escape from. On the night of his attempt, he will postpone his escape when a peculiar death occurs that may or may not have been an accident. A secret bond forms between him and the neurotic Detective Inspector Watson as they both attempt to solve the mystery and liberate free will from its deterministic chains. They must do this if they want to escape imprisonment either by walls of bricks or the walls of their perception.

House of Thought is a visual essay about free will, unfolding itself via the narrative of a murder mystery. It is smart, fast-paced and funny. I want to get people thinking about responsibilities, the capacities of the mind and free will in a deterministic universe. I do not desire for it to be philosophically pretentious or heavy, but insightful enough to posses a level of rational entertainment. Most of all I want people to enjoy the experience of a bigger than life tale with a puzzling murder-mystery.