The very first film I made in film-school was about a recently deceased character who demanded a conversation with God to talk of responsibility and free will before he gets sent off to Hell. My perception of free will has since grown, as have my abilities as a visual storyteller. But the theme is still there.

I see myself as a mentally orientated person and have always been interested in the structure of reality, the abilities of reason and the history of philosophy as a series of plottwists in mankind’s world-view. It is for that reason that, apart from Film, I'm studying (part-time) Philosophy and Ethics at VUB.

It is astonishing it took so long, but a couple years ago I discovered my all-time favourite in the vast ocean of fictional characters. The personification of reason: Sherlock Holmes. A man with an incredible arsenal of factual knowledge, a strong set of observational skills and the capacity to infer what has happened from the tiniest of details. He lives his life as a rational mind. Place all this in Victorian London and you have pretty much everything I love combined.

House of Thought is heavily inspired by the stories of Sherlock Holmes and I like to think it could pass as a personal homage.

Director and writer,
student at RITS Brussels